This fact sheet explains the various fees that apply to NTGPASS members. The fees you pay may differ depending on your type of membership. Types of NTPGASS membership include:

  • Active – currently employed in the NT Public Sector (NTPS) and contributing between 2 and 6 per cent of salary to NTGPASS. Note: From 15 January 2016, NTGPASS members who claim their employer-financed defined benefit are no longer able to elect to retain their benefits in NTGPASS.
  • Retained – are ex-active members who have resigned from the NTPS or elected to opt out of NTGPASS and continue to have benefits within the scheme.  This will include members who are yet to claim their employer-funded defined benefit.
  • Spouse – have become members as a result of a Family Law split, where the spouse or ex-spouse is an NTGPASS member.

Account-keeping fee

Active NTGPASS members do not pay an account-keeping fee. For retained and spouse members, the account-keeping fee is $3 per week ($156 per year). The fee is deducted from your account on  30 June each year or when you exit the scheme. If you exit the scheme during the financial year, the fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis.

Investment switch fee

Every member is entitled to one free investment switch in a financial year. Each additional switch made in a financial year will incur a $35 fee that will be deducted from your account.

Lump sum withdrawal fee

Active members cannot make withdrawals. Retained and spouse members are permitted one free withdrawal each financial year.

Withdrawals are subject to satisfying a condition of release, e.g. retiring after age 55. Additional withdrawals require approval from the Commissioner of Superannuation. If approved, each additional withdrawal made in a financial year will incur a $35 fee that will be deducted from your account.

Retained and spouse members may also choose to rollover part or all of their account to another superannuation fund. Rollovers are not subject to withdrawal fees.

Family Law fees

Since 28 December 2002, the Family Law Act has allowed superannuation to be divided (or ‘split’) between separating parties. Prior to splitting a superannuation interest, a Family Law Valuation may be required.

Fee payable on lodgement of the Family Law Superannuation Valuation Application: Scheme member or spouse $150.00 (fee not subject to GST).

Fee payable to split or flag a superannuation interest: Each party is liable for one half of $380 (fee not subject to GST), which will be deducted from the superannuation interest subject to a payment split or flag.

Investment management fees

Investment management fees represent the costs associated with investing your superannuation money.

They include the fees charged by investment managers and costs for the services of the Custodian and Asset Consultant (currently MLC/JANA Implemented Consulting).

The fees are charged as a percentage of the amount invested in each investment option, within your NTGPASS accumulation account.

For retained members, your accumulation account may include your employer-financed defined benefit, in which case that account will represent your entire NTGPASS benefit. For spouse members, your accumulation account represents your entire NTGPASS benefit.

For active members, your accumulation account does not include your employer-financed defined benefit. It is generally made up of your own contributions (member, personal and salary sacrifice), rollovers from other funds and investment earnings. Refer to your most recent Member Information Statement for further details.

The investment management fees shown in the following table do not include the fee rebate or custody costs that will also be applied. Custody costs vary between 0.024 per cent and 0.036 per cent, depending on the investment option chosen.

Investment Option Superannuation Fee (%)

Managed Cash












Note: Fees are current as at March 2015 and may be subject to change in the future.

Fees generally increase as the exposure to shares and property investments increase. This is because the cost of trading and administering these investments are greater than those incurred when investing in more conservative investments like cash and bonds.

The fees stated in the table above are not deducted directly from your account; they are deducted from the return for each investment option before investment crediting rates are set. This means that the investment returns credited to your account are net of investment fees.

Benefit estimate fee

All NTGPASS members are provided with a free estimate of their benefit as at 30 June each year, in the form of a Member Information Statement.

During the year members are able to request the Commissioner to provide an estimate of their NTGPASS entitlements as at other dates. The fee for this service is $35, which will be deducted from your account.

Other fees

NTGPASS members are not charged fees for making contributions or for closing their account. Requests for information from this office (such as those involving lengthy investigation), will incur a reasonable fee and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Members of the Northern Territory Supplementary Superannuation Scheme (NTSSS) are not subject to any fees in relation to their NTSSS account.

The following tables provide an example of the fees and costs for different members in the Growth option.

Active member

FeeAmount Account balance of $100,000

Account keeping


No fee irrespective of your balance.



For every $100 000 in your account, the fee is equivalent to $750 per annum.




Retained/spouse member

FeeAmount Account balance of $100,000

Account keeping


$156 irrespective of your balance.



For every $100 000 in your account, the fee is equivalent to $750 per annum.





The material in this fact sheet is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon for making financial commitments.

The Commissioner of Superannuation and the Northern Territory of Australia accept no responsibility for any losses arising from any use or reliance upon the information or conclusions reached using the information.

Last updated: 10 August 2021

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