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The Territory has a range of financial reporting responsibilities to various stakeholders.

Key internal stakeholders include the Treasurer, Parliament, Cabinet and government agencies, while key external stakeholders include the Australian Bureau of Statistics, credit rating agencies, the Commonwealth Grants Commission and the general public.

DTF provides whole of government budgetary and actual financial reports under the framework of the Fiscal Integrity and Transpar​ency Act 2001 and the Financial Management Act 1995​.

This framework specifies reporting requirements, both in terms of content and timing, and prescribes reporting responsibilities.

This framework enables DTF to meet government accountability requirements through the provision of meaningful information to facilitate better informed decisions that improve financial policy outcomes. Importantly, transparent financial reporting enables the public to scrutinise the government's financial policy and performance through comparison of the government's financial strategy, budget forecasts and outcomes.

Treasurer's Quarterly Financial Report

Treasurer’s Quarterly Financial Report for 3 months ended 30 September 2022 PDF (349.9 KB)

Treasurer's Annual Financial Report

Treasurer's Annual Financial Report 2021-22 (TAFR) PDF (6.5 MB)

Mid-Year Report

2022-23 Mid-Year Report PDF (683.8 KB)

Financial publications archive

NT Budget

NT Budget

NT Budget archive

Last updated: 01 December 2022

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