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Company's that are required to transfer unclaimed money to the Department of Treasury and Finance must record for each calendar year details of money that becomes unclaimed.

You must keep the record at your head or principal office in the Northern Territory.

Record keeping

You should ensure your record keeping includes the below information.

This will assist in verifying a claimant’s entitlement to the moneys.

Name of owner of moneys*
Last known address
Total amount due to owner
Date moneys became payable
Description of unclaimed moneys
Date of last claim
Smith, John Edward1 Stuart Hwy, Darwin, NT$15028/02/2002Unclaimed dividends 
* Full names of the owner should be recorded in the register with the surname shown first (e.g. Smith, John Edward).

Excel spreadsheet

Get the excel spreadsheet to register the unclaimed moneys. Register for unclaimed moneys. PDF (86.8 KB)

How to lodge

To lodge company unclaimed moneys, follow these steps:

Step 1. You must lodge a copy of the register for publication in the Government Gazette by the last day of February in the year after the money became unclaimed.

Step 2. Download the statuary declaration form. Companies Act statutory declaration form PDF (243.9 KB)


You can pay the unclaimed money with the lodgement of copy of register and the statutory declaration of the authorised officer.

You are not required under the Act to make payment until 13 months after the date the copy of the register is published in the Gazette.

If you do not make a voluntary payment you will be informed on the date of gazettal.

If no claims are made within twelve months after the date of gazettal, payment of the unclaimed moneys must be made within 1 month of that date.

If any claims are paid within that year, an appropriate entry is to be made in the register and a copy lodged with payment.

Last updated: 15 March 2018

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