Financial Management Group (FMG)

  • About FMG
    Find out about the Financial Management Group and what it is they do.
  • Budget Repair Office
    The governance structure to implement, monitor and report on the Fiscal Strategy Panel’s recommendations.
  • Financial publications
    Treasury provides whole of government budgetary and actual financial reports.
  • National agreements
    Mutually agreed objectives, outcomes, outputs, performance indicators, roles and responsibilities that guide the Commonwealth and states in the delivery of services in key sectors.
  • Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook
    A publicly released report within 10 days of the issue of a writ for a Northern Territory general election.
  • Previous budget papers
    Northern Territory Budget Papers archive from the previous years.
  • Program Evaluation Unit
    What the Program Evaluation Unit does in the NT.
  • Treasurer's Directions
    Search for Treasurer's Directions.
  • Contacts
    Contact details for the service areas of Department of Treasury and Finance.

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