Your superannuation does not become unclaimed until it is due to be paid.

They are not due to be paid until the member reaches 65 years old (60 years for females prior to 29 August) or dies. Read the law.

If you are searching for unclaimed or lost superannuation benefits that do not meet the above criteria for transfer to the Treasurer, view other contacts.

The Act provides for the payment by NT based fund managers of certain unclaimed superannuation moneys to the Treasurer of the Northern Territory.

The Treasurer is then responsible for:

  • the record keeping of the associated information
  • payment to the beneficiaries of those moneys.

The Treasurer has delegated this function to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

The Territory Revenue Office holds unclaimed money for former NT government employees who were members of the NTGPASS or NTSSS schemes and have passed retirement age.

For more information on unclaimed superannuation contact the Territory Revenue Office.

Territory Revenue Office
GPO Box 1974
Darwin NT 0801
Phone: 1300 305 353

Last updated: 19 March 2021

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