DTF divisions

Financial Management Group

  • Manages and coordinates the Territory budget process and whole of government financial reporting
  • Manages the Territory’s financial management framework
  • Analyses and provides advice on whole of government resource allocation issues, including major government projects and initiatives with funding implications
  • Develops the Territory’s infrastructure program from a whole of government perspective
  • Monitors each agency’s financial performance
  • Manages the Central Holding Authority
  • Manages financial and commercial accountabilities and risks as prescribed in the Financial Management Act 1995 and the Fiscal Integrity and Transparency Act 2001, including the fiscal strategy

Economic Group

  • Provides economic and policy advice, and manages economic and regulatory reform
  • Publishes information and analysis on economic and demographic trends that affect the Territory economy
  • Provides research, advice and statistical coordination across government
  • Provides advice and analysis on intergovernmental financial relations including GST revenue distribution
  • Manages submissions and data returns to the Commonwealth Grants Commission
  • Negotiates, develops and provides advice on funding agreements with the Commonwealth
  • Manages Northern Territory input to major national economic inquiries and reviews
  • Provides commercial advice on major government infrastructure projects and initiatives and on the government owned corporations

Territory Revenue Office

  • Collects Territory revenue in accordance with the relevant tax and royalty legislation
  • Administers and provides advice on grant, tax and royalty legislation
  • Provides education and information programs to assist tax and royalty payers’ compliance
  • Minimises losses to revenue through compliance activity
  • Promotes home ownership through administering grant and stamp duty assistance schemes
  • Provides revenue modelling and forecasting
  • Develops tax and royalty-related information and data systems

Northern Territory Superannuation Office

  • Manages and develops NTPS superannuation policy and legislation for a range of defined benefit superannuation schemes
  • Administers and makes benefit payments
  • Engages advisors to invest members’ funds
  • Provides support services to the Superannuation Trustee Board, subcommittees and members of various schemes

Northern Territory Treasury Corporation

  • Borrows, lends and invests funds on behalf of the Territory as its central financing authority
  • Invests surplus short-term cash balances of government accounts
  • Provides loans to the Government, agencies, government owned corporations and, in certain circumstances, local governing authorities

Treasury Services Group

  • Manages human resources management, recruitment, employment and staff development programs
  • Provides finance, procurement and office services
  • Manages communications and publishing
  • Provides information management, and information, communication and technology
  • Manages risk and audit and organisational development
  • Manages Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements on behalf of the Territory
  • Provides secretariat and executive support including central coordination and liaison between the Treasurer’s Office, Ministers, Cabinet Office, Legislative Assembly and other government agencies on Cabinet and ministerial business

Utilities Commission

The independent Utilities Commission is also part of DTF for administrative purposes.

  • Regulates prices charged by government and other businesses for providing certain monopoly services
  • Performs licensing functions
  • Develops, monitors and enforces compliance with, and promotes improvement in, standards and conditions of service and supply
  • Develops and monitors the operation of codes and rules relating to the conduct or operations of a regulated industry or licensed entities
  • Investigates complaints relating to the conduct or operations of licensed entities
  • Assists consumers, industry participants, potential market participants and other stakeholders with information
  • Advises the Minister on any matter referred by the Minister

Last updated: 12 June 2020

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