Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan

Our Vision

To be recognised for excellence in the provision of economic, financial and statistical services for the Northern Territory Government.


Treasury’s primary role is to provide specialist fiscal, economic and commercial policy advice and services to the Government to assist in delivering services and infrastructure for the benefits of Territorians. Treasury serves the Government and the community through the Treasurer. Other key stakeholders include government agencies, the Northern Territory community and Treasury staff.


To promote sustainable fiscal strength and economic development of the Territory and contribute to improved social and fiscal wellbeing for Territorians.

What We Provide

  1. A financial management framework consistent with the Government’s fiscal strategy.
  2. Appropriate and effective intergovernmental financial relations.
  3. Effective commercial advice to optimise the Territory’s financial position.
  4. Expert advice on the Territory economy.
  5. Effective management of the investment and borrowing activities of the Government.
  6. Effective collection of taxation and royalty revenue and the development of a fair and efficient taxation system that is competitive with other jurisdictions.
  7. An efficient and legislatively compliant superannuation framework.

Read more about the Department of Treasury and Finance's  Corporate Plan 2017-2020 (274.9 kb).

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Last updated: 08 February 2018