Investment returns - Accumulation Accounts and Pensions

Investment returns can be either positive or negative over any given period. The Superannuation Trustee Board's policy is to fully distribute the investment earnings of the Fund amongst members. Investment returns are calculated for superannuation accumulation accounts and for pension accounts.

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NTGPASS Accumulation Accounts

Member investment choice commenced in July 2007. Investment returns are calculated and applied on a weekly basis. A History of Accumulation Accounts (2012 to 2019) as well as Pension investment returns is also available.

Week ending: 16 April 2019

​Accumulation Account Investment Options

​Financial Year to Date 2018-19

​Week Ending 16 April 2019

Managed Cash1.65%0.04%
Cautious 3.78%-0.03%
​Growth (Default) 4.38%0.00%

Financial year to date: 2018-19

2018-19 Investment Returns

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Last updated: 17 April 2019