Stages for planning and commissioning an evaluation

This toolkit is divided into six steps for planning and commissioning an evaluation. Table 3 shows how the numbered sections in the toolkit match these steps.

The evaluation planning that occurs in steps 1 and 2 starts during program design and may take a substantial amount of time. Sections 1 and 2 of the toolkit are structured to mirror the Evaluation overview template and the Evaluation work plan template to give step by step guidance through the templates.

Table 3. Stages for planning and commissioning an evaluation
Program design1Complete the evaluation overviewHow to concisely summarise what the program is aiming to achieve, how it will achieve this, external factors that may affect success, how the program’s success will be measured and what evaluations will be required (and when) and identify other evaluation-related resource requirements.
Before the evaluation2Complete the evaluation work plan

How to:

  • decide the appropriate evaluation methodology including program logic, key evaluation questions, data matrix and ethical considerations
  • consider implementation including roles, responsibilities and resourcing
  • identify risks.
 3Engage the evaluation teamHow to select the right evaluation team and apply the procurement governance policy.
During the evaluation4Manage the implementation of the evaluationWhat the role of the evaluation manager is in overseeing the implementation of the evaluation work plan.
 5Guide production of a quality evaluation reportHow to structure an evaluation report, including succinct reporting of the evaluation findings. This step also outlines the minimum requirements of an evaluation report.
After the evaluation6Disseminate results and support use of evaluationHow to appropriately communicate evaluation results and respond to recommendations.

What’s the difference between an evaluation overview and an evaluation work plan?

An evaluation overview briefly summarises a program’s evaluation requirements as part of the Cabinet submission process (see section 1. Complete the evaluation overview). If the program is approved to proceed, an evaluation workplan details the evaluation requirements including a full program logic, evaluation questions and data matrix (see section 2 Complete the evaluation work plan).

Last updated: 14 December 2020

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