1.5. What evaluations will be required in the first 5 years of the program?

While there are many different types of evaluation, the Program evaluation framework PDF (924.4 KB) is based on three main types of evaluation, linked to the program lifecycle:

  1. Process evaluation: was the program implemented as expected? (Approximate timing ≤18 months.)
  2. Outcomes evaluation: are the desired outcomes being achieved or on track to be achieved within the agreed timeframe? (Approximate timing >2 years.)
  3. Impact evaluation: did the program influence the achievement of the desired outcomes, and was it value for money? (Approximate timing >3<5 years.)

Table 6 should list the evaluations required for the first five years of the program. All programs require a process evaluation within 18 months of commencement. The timing and need for an outcome and/or impact evaluation will depend the program’s cost, strategic significance and degree of risk. As a general guide, only programs that are a high strategic priority would require all three evaluation types. Further guidance on evaluation types is at section 2.5.3: Types of evaluation, and section 2.6: Budget and resourcing has guidance on estimating the budget for evaluations.

Table 6. What evaluations will be required in the first 5 years of the program?

Evaluation type



Estimated cost*







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