1.2. How will the program achieve this?

Show how the program’s inputs logically flow through activities to outputs and outcomes. Ideally, this is done using a program logic (see section 2.5.1: Program logic). If a program logic has not yet been developed for the program, the table below can be used as a starting point. A full program logic will be required as part of the evaluation work plan if the program is approved.

Table 4. How will the program achieve this?





The resources (funds, expertise, time) required for the delivery of activities.

The day-to-day tasks an organisation must undertake in order to provide a product or service.

The products or services generated by program activities; deliverables. The provision of outputs is typically under the control of the program and is related to the quantity and quality of program implementation.

The intended results of a program – the change it seeks to create. Outcomes are typically outside the control of the organisation.

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