3.5. Support the evaluation team

Ensure the evaluation team has clear guidance around evaluation logistics. If logistics are poorly thought out or underfunded, even the best evaluation team will not be successful.

Critical logistical planning may include: negotiation of site visit dates, objectives and on the ground requirements (such as staff availability, access to documents/data etc.); necessary notification of officials or community leaders to ensure access and cooperation/collaboration; requirements for transportation, lodging, food, office space and other facilities; requirements for translators or other specific services (such as security).

The commissioning organisation may take on the logistics for the evaluation fully or partially, regardless of whether internal or external evaluators are used. In either case, a designated evaluation logistician should be identified to ensure everything runs smoothly and to problem-solve where needed.[1]

[1] BetterEvaluation: Manager's guide to evaluation – 7. Manage implementation of the evaluation

Last updated: 14 December 2020

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