Reliability standard

Reliability Standard Consultation Paper

Reliability in power system planning refers to having sufficient generation and network capacity and demand management to meet the electricity needs of consumers with a high degree of confidence. Generation reliability, which is the focus of the consultation paper, is whether sufficient generation capacity has been built and is available for service to meet the energy demands of consumers; acknowledging however, that there is a balance between having sufficient generation available to meet electricity needs in most instances and keeping costs as low as possible for end-users.

On 31 January 2019, the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) released a Consultation Paper on the form of reliability standards for the regulated power systems (Darwin‑Katherine, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek).

The deadline for interested stakeholders to make submissions was Friday, 1 March 2019. Submissions were received from:

DTF is currently reviewing the submissions.

Last updated: 25 August 2022

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