785 - Daly River Flooding - January 2018

Official Name of Eligible NDRRA Event: Daly River Flooding – January 2018

Australian Government Reference Number: 785

Date of Activation: 1 February 2018

Local Government Areas Affected: Victoria-Daly

Available Categories of Assistance:

  • Category A – 5.2.1 a) Emergency food, clothing or temporary accommodation (until 1 August 2018)
  • Category A – 5.2.1 b) Repair or replacement of essential items and personal effects (until 1 August 2018)
  • Category A – 5.2.1 c) Essential repairs to housing (until 1 February 2019)
  • Category A - 5.2.1 e) Removal of debris from residential properties to make them safe and habitable (until 1 February 2019)
  • Category A – 5.2.1 f) Extraordinary counter disaster operations for the benefit of an individual (until 1 February 2019)
  • Category B – 5.3.1 a) Restoration or replacement of an essential public asset (until 30 June 2020)
  • Category B - 5.3.1 j) Counter disaster operations for the protection of the general public (until 30 June 2020)

Allowable Time Limit for Eligible Expenditure: 30 June 2020

Media Releases

The following media release was issued relating to this natural disaster event:

Summary of Event

Over the nine days from 23 to 31 January 2018, a combination of large volumes of water moving from tributary rivers into the Daly River, and a vigorous monsoonal flow feeding into a slow-moving monsoon low over the Gregory District, delivered high rainfall in the upper Daly River catchment area. The monsoonal conditions brought rainfall totals of 450 - 600 mm to many parts of the Bonaparte and North West Coastal Rivers and rivers rose in response. The Bureau of Meteorology forecasted that the Daly River would reach major flood levels and the Territory Emergency Management Committee declared an emergency situation. On 29 January 2018 the Emergency Operations Centre was stood up, and on 30 January 2018 residents of the Daly River community were evacuated to Darwin.

The Territory Government submitted the request to recognise the Daly River Flooding in January 2018 as an eligible disaster event under NDRRA on 31 January 2018.

On 1 February 2018, Commonwealth Minister for Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Angus Taylor and Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced that through NDRRA, the Territory would be eligible for financial assistance from the Commonwealth to support the personal hardship and distress assistance, the evacuation operation and temporary accommodation, including financial assistance for clean-up operations and to repair any damaged essential public assets.

Summary of Significant Relief and Recovery Achievements to Date

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services carried out the successful helicopter evacuations of approximately 366 residents from the Nauiyu community on Daly River, ferrying evacuees to Batchelor, who were subsequently transferred by bus to the evacuation centre at Foskey’s Pavilion at the Darwin Showgrounds where they were housed until 12 February 2018.

Enquiries for Available Measures of Assistance

To enquire about Category A assistance for the personal hardship and distress assistance, please contact your local Territory Families office.

To enquire about Category B assistance for the restoration or replacement of essential public assets or counter disaster operations assistance, please contact either the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics or call (08) 8924 7530.

Alternatively, please contact the Department of Housing and Community Development or call (08) 8924 3644.

For further information on recovery assistance, please visit the Australian Government's Disaster Assist website.

Last updated: 28 August 2019


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